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T-Shirt Contest

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The Jr. NAA is the teen chapter of the Newtown Action Alliance, an all-volunteer grassroots organization started in Newtown in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December. We focus on all the root causes of violence and what steps youth can take to help reduce the impact of gun violence in America.

We are looking for a design that appeals to teens that makes a statement about what we stand for. We would like a shirt that youth everywhere can wear to show the importance of this movement and help create a unity in our young voices.

We encourage milennials (intermediate school through recent college grads) from anywhere in the world to participate. Please spread the word!

WE WANT YOU to make a statement! It is often images that convey what we want to achieve in the world, this has been shown through the Vietnam War, Syrian rebellion and now Gun reform. Convey your statements through a design that can be placed on a T-shirt. Make sure to limit your design to one side!

In your design you can use up to two printed colors, such as Sandy Hook’s vibrant green and white (See above). The color of the shirt is NOT included in the two colors you select. Your design MUST include the Newtown Action Alliance logo, no smaller than 1 inch. This does not have to be the center of the piece, but must be present.

There cannot be profanities or vulgarities in your design, as this defeats our purpose as a grassroots organization providing young people with the opportunity to be activists.

To create your design please utilize the t-shirt design app or submit a freeform design:

• To submit a design through, please submit the link from your confirmation email so we may view your design online.
• To submit a freeform design, you must use a PDF format. Freeform designs will be reviewed by Early submission is encouraged, so there is time to make any minor adjustments required.

After all designs have been presented to the adult Newtown Action Alliance board meeting, the board will select three finalists. These three finalists will have their designs showcased to the public for voting. After votes have been tallied, the winner will be announced in early January. As a condition of your submission, Jr. NAA will retain the rights to the winning design. However, credit, wherever practical, will be given.

Two finalists will receive gift cards valuing $26 and a Jr. NAA bracelet and the winner will receive a free t-shirt, a gift card valuing $100 and a Jr. NAA bracelet.

T-shirts will be available for purchase to the general public in mid-to-late January.

Submissions can be emailed to or submitted on our Facebook page messaging at

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