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From survivor to activist: Girl, 12, who was saved by her teacher during Sandy Hook massacre joins March For Our Lives protest after being inspired by Parkland students

Lauren Milgram was six years old when she survived the Sandy Hook massacre. She was saved when her teacher hid her and 15 other students in a tiny bathroom. Lauren and her 15-year-old brother, a fellow survivor, marched in DC on Saturday. They joined 400 people from Newtown, including many Sandy Hook survivors

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David Cameron: New Haven gun buyback a success - and may save lives

The buyback provided American Express and/or Stop & Shop gift cards to those who turned in any working firearm. Those turning in a firearm received $200 in gift cards for an assault weapon, $100 for a pistol or revolver handgun, $50 for a rifle or shotgun, and $25 for a single or double-shot handgun. The New Haven police reported that 138 guns were turned in, more than in any previous buyback and precisely 100 more than were taken in by the Hartford buy-back the same day. Included in the 138 firearms were 74 handguns, 60 rifles and shotguns, and two assault weapons. Over the past five years, a total of 700 weapons have been brought in to the New Haven buy-backs.

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