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New Haven beats guns into plowshare

The project is a collaboration among many groups, including the gun safety nonprofit the Newtown Action Alliance and the New Haven Police Department, which collects the guns from the public in exchange for retail gift cards. Volunteer metal sculptors and members of the clergy then disassembled the guns, and a Colorado-based group named RAWtools taught inmate volunteers from the Connecticut Department of Correction to forge the metal into gardening tools. The final products will be donated to New Haven community gardens and high schools with gardening programs.

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Swords to Plowshares: Forging Surrendered Guns into Gardening Tools in Connecticut

In the garden of a New Haven artist’s studio, two bishops, one priest, and a sculptor destroyed 138 guns. These guns were voluntarily surrendered in a municipal buyback program sponsored by the Yale-New Haven Hospital and the New Haven Police Department in December 2017. This was the largest gun buyback New Haven has seen since it began its buyback program in 2011. The difference: these guns would be turned into gardening tools.

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From survivor to activist: Girl, 12, who was saved by her teacher during Sandy Hook massacre joins March For Our Lives protest after being inspired by Parkland students

Lauren Milgram was six years old when she survived the Sandy Hook massacre. She was saved when her teacher hid her and 15 other students in a tiny bathroom. Lauren and her 15-year-old brother, a fellow survivor, marched in DC on Saturday. They joined 400 people from Newtown, including many Sandy Hook survivors

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